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The Third Sunday evening of each month (April through October) is HOT DOG SUNDAY at Delamain Creek (near the church).  There is a short devotion message following the fun and eating.

food.jpg (22999 bytes) Food
Fishing (catch and release). fishing.jpg (24603 bytes)
canoe_paddle-boat.jpg (23796 bytes) Canoe, paddle boat and swimming.
Volleyball ... voleyball.jpg (20488 bytes)
washers.jpg (28821 bytes) ... and washers.
For a change of pace, occasionally the Hot Dog Sunday is held on the Mt. Zion grounds near the church.  Volleyball, swimming in the Mt. Zion pool and baseball are a few of the activities available. PICT2072.jpg (11861 bytes)
volley-ball-1.jpg (16493 bytes) Pastor Skip makes a save!
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